Laser Shaft Alignment : SHAFTALIGN Touch

Fast, easy, and precise alignment that adapts to your needs

  • Single-laser technology
  • Active Situational Intelligence
  • Work faster without sacrificing precision
  • Freeze-Frame Measurement
  • Real-Time Measurement Quality Enhancement
  • Instant collaboration via the cloud
  • Rugged interface with the highest IP rating in its class
  • Up to 8 measurement points for more precise alignment of vertical machines

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ADASH A4900 Vibrio M





Adaptive Shaft Alignment for Standard Jobs


Product Description

A new standard for affordable laser alignment

The new ShaftAlign Touch is a rugged laser alignment system that provides digital, cloud, and other advancements over the decades-old but still widely used dial indicator and feeler gauge.

ShaftAlign Touch is a combination of software and hardware innovations enabling maintenance teams to address a wide variety of alignment challenges that basic laser alignment systems cannot handle.

It also delivers premium Adaptive Alignment capabilities that, until now, were not available in an entry-level system.

Two innovations – single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence – differentiate ShaftAlign Touch from the competition.

Together, they deliver the “magic” that enables Prüftechnik alignment products to automatically adapt – in real time, as alignment jobs are finished – to the asset, the situation, and the user’s experience level.

Step up to the high precision and intelligence built into the ShaftAlign Touch: eliminate the time, rework, and guessing common to other approaches. Get more done while enabling your machines to operate at peak performance.




Adaptive Alignment Advances

ShaftAlign Touch uses single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence to adapt to the asset, the situation, and the maintenance team, aligning standard rotating assets with new levels of precision and speed.






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