Laser Shaft Alignment : ROTALIGN Touch EX

Adaptive alignment features when working in dangerous areas


  • ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified including ruggedized IP68 tablet device
  • Single-laser technology sensALIGN 5 featuring SWEEP and PASS Mode for uncoupled shafts
  • Active Situational Intellgence
  • Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical Live Move + Move Simulator
  • Thermal growth and targets
  • Spacer coupling and in-situ Cardan shaft alignment with rotating arm bracket
  • Soft Foot Wizard to diagnose soft foot problems
  • 6-machine train alignment
  • Advanced vertical machine alignment with vertiSWEEP continuous measurement mode
  • ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 PC software including auto-activation and PDF reporting
  • Mobile connectivity with integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and camera


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ADASH A4900 Vibrio M





The only adaptive laser shaft alignment system for EX areas


Product Description

Advanced laser shaft alignment in EX/ATEX areas

ROTALIGN touch EX is Zone 1 ATEX/IECEX certified. Packed with user-friendly alignment features unique to PRUFTECHNIK, the ROTALIGN touch EX shortens the measurement time with:


  • Continuous SWEEP Mode for high-quality measurement in only one shaft rotation
  • Live Move function for simultaneous real-time machine corrections in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • vertiSWEEP to measure vertical machines in one rotation of the shaft
  • Cardan shaft rotating-arm bracket allows measurements to be performed without removing the shaft
  • Soft Foot Wizard to diagnose soft foot problems
  • Move Simulator lets the operator simulate shim values and horizontal corrections before moving the machine


Have instant access to the critical data you need with full mobile connectivity. The ROTALIGN touch EX tablet is Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with a Bluetooth module, an integrated camera, and an RFID reader for automatic machine identification and error-free two-way transfer of asset data.

Direct communication between the tablet and the ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 PC software allows specialists to archive, analyze, and process alignment data to improve asset performance improvement and reliability.



sensALIGN 5

sensALIGN Series technology is based on PRUFTECHNIK single-laser technology and provides highly precise measurement results with the easiest mounting and measuring in the field.


sensALIGN 5 sensors include two HD large position-sensitive detectors (PSD) and MEMS inclinometers. Combined with detector extension capability (InfiniRange), it is always possible to measure and document the initial alignment condition, no matter how big the misalignment.


The technology also allows the simultaneous monitoring of machine corrections in vertical and horizontal directions, starting from any angular position where the sensor comes to stop.


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